What Is Involved in a Consultation?

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths work with individuals and populations with the aim of optimising function and quality of life through promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and implementation of strategies informed by the best current evidence.


The goal of osteopathy is to minimise activity limitation, and minimise impairments and restrictions associated with acute (short-term), chronic (long-term), and complex conditions.


Osteopaths identify biomechanical, psychological, and social factors relating to a person’s health, and implement evidence-based interventions, including manual therapy, rehabilitative exercise, lifestyle advice, and pain education.

What is Involved in a Consultation?

On your first appointment we will take a health history, obtaining details of your current musculoskeletal or general health complaint, as well as previous injuries and surgeries.

If appropriate, a physical assessment will be carried out, which entails movements through various ranges of motion and moving the body (both with and without my assistance), as well as examining the region of complaint to assess for possible causes contributing to the injury or complaint. Neurological, systemic, and orthopaedic examinations may be performed if symptoms indicate more complex reasons for pain or limitation.

During the first session we will discuss the likely contributing factors to your pain, injury, discomfort, or limitation and develop a plan to reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve overall health. We will also discuss methods to reduce re-injury or recurrence, and lifestyle and dietary factors that can assist in improving your health.

Osteopathy neck pain assessment

What is involved in a consultation

If there is no need for referral (for x-ray or other scans, to your G.P. or another practitioner, or the hospital), and treatment is indicated, a variety of approaches may be used to address the presenting complaint (all of which are dependent on your comfort and consent). 

The modalities used in treatment may consist of any or all of the following:

- Soft tissue massage

- Joint mobilisation (moving the joint through its available range of motion)

- Joint manipulation (sometimes called 'cracking' or 'adjustments'

- Exercise rehabilitation

- Stretching

- Dry needling

- Sports taping

- Cupping

The use of each of these modalities is completely dependant on your presenting complaint and what is observed in the examination.

The overall goal of the management plan is to have you functioning at your best, with as little pain as possible, and with methods of maintaining and improving your health outside of the clinic. 

About me

I'm an Osteopath and Remedial Massage therapist with a passion for strength and conditioning and sports. I have been treating since 2008 and have provided remedial massage alongside Julia Russel with elite sporting teams including the NRL State of Origin Teams, Melbourne Storm, Gold Coast Titans, and Western Force Rugby.

I enjoy treating sporting injuries and assisting in return to sport and prevention of injury, as well as helping all individuals function at their best, and helping to build stronger, more resilient bodies.


A Kinesiology taping instructor, adjunct tutor for an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, and former full-time Course Coach for the Diploma of Remedial Massage, I continue to assist in course development at Q Academy Massage College, as well as run external workshops in taping and massage technique.

I am also teaching at Southern Cross University in the Osteopathic Medicine degree.


With years of experience in strength and conditioning, and bodybuilding, I have a heightened awareness of the body and its ability to adapt to various forms of training and load. I am continually building my exercise and rehabilitation experience and incorporate this knowledge of exercise into my management plans.

With a belief that regular and varied movement forms the basis of a healthy lifestyle, I am passionate about helping others become more active or return to activities they enjoy.


I treat with a focus on manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation, with a keen interest in keeping up to date with research in clinical practice, and health. With a passion for the fitness industry and a constant thirst for knowledge, I am continually striving to find the best ways to help those who see me in the clinic.